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Intruder Alarms

What Are The Options

Our highly skilled engineers can carry out all types of security system installations including:

  • Fully hard wired systems

  • Wireless Systems

  • Hybrid Systems (incorporation hard wired and wireless technology)

  • All systems have a wide range of monitoring options available provided by EMCS

  • Full range of maintaince contracts available for existing alarms and new contracts

As high tech and expensive electrical equipment such as iPads and flat screen TVs become more widespread throughout the country it is inevitable that criminals will look to target unsecured properties in the hope of getting their hands on them. Lectrical Solutions Ltd are SSAIB approved contractors and  provide high quality wired and wireless alarm systems to both domestic and commercial sectors, and given the British Insurance Association's claim that properties without burglar alarms are six to seven times more likely to be targeted than protected properties, it is clear that you really can't afford not to implement effective home security measures.

When you're not home or you've locked up shop for the night, how do you know your property is safe? There's one easy way to make sure that your building is kept monitored and safe - with a CCTV system installation.

​The right number of cameras to cover your property combined with the right monitoring to suit you will ensure you've always got an eye on your world.

​With the right CCTV system installed at your premises, you can rest easy knowing there will always be someone watching over your world.

Lectrical Solutions Ltd supply and install:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras for every budget 
  • ​remote monitoring 
  • Image recording