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Audio Integration 

​ACM for the Rako Bridge supports Sonos, Linn and Other UPnP devices. The ACM (Audio Control Module) is a compact adaptor board which connects inside a Rako Bridge and enables 'Maps' from a Rako wallpanel to be re-transmitted as commands for ethernet based audio systems such as SonosTM and LinnTM

Combined Rako Lighting Solutions 

The ability to combine Rako wireless and wired systems provides a unique solution for installers and end-users alike. This amazing flexibility gives a remarkable choice in installation methods allowing the creation of a network of components that interact and work seamlessly together. Projects started as completely wired systems have the fall-back position that the addition of wireless modules and wall- plates allows, giving the 'get out of jail free' card for when the job doesn't quite go to plan, or when system expansion is required, after cabling is complete. Some projects may just suit the combined approach such as where a new build or extension is added to an existing building and a lighting control system is required in both parts.

The Rako Bridge used to combine the wireless and wired systems also allows complete control from an iPhone or iPad and can provide remote access to the network from a PC. Addition of the ACM audio control module will enable control of a third party audio system from the combined lighting and audio wall-plates. The whole palette of Rako products and the ability to 'combine' allows project designers to plan the best possible solution for any project.


Click Image Above To See Overlay Of Wireed Rako Installation

Wired Lighting Solutions 

The Rako wired system is the option for customers who prefer a cabled network. It offers LED backlit buttons with the option for custom etching and ultimately can cope with the largest of projects. Using CAT5 cabling to wire system components back to the central hub.

Circuits are wired to a central location or a number of hubs, linked together on the network and connected to appropriate control module. Control modules are available for curtain and blind control and colour changing can be incorporated using Rako DMX or LED control packs.

User controls, including wall-plates, PIR's, time-clocks and system interfaces are added to the network and programmed from a PC connected via Wi-Fi. The system gives access to timed events, 'Holiday Mode’ and dawn/dusk programming. End users can then program scenes for events such as breakfast, lunch and dinner from an iPhone or iPad providing total user control.

Control Solutions 

A range of contemporary control panels to match both functional and décor requirements. Available in a wide range of standard finishes including polished and brushed stainless steel with special finishes available.

iPhone/iPad and Android Control : Connected via Rako Bridges the Rako Apps provide the ultimate in flexible control of the Rako lighting system from local area network or anywhere in the world via the internet. Select rooms and control individual channels with the on screen touch sliders. Save changes to a desired scene, close curtains whilst away from home, then select a welcome scene upon return.

Click Image Above To See Overlay Of Wireless Rako Installation

​Modules are available to suit all types of load from incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent to the latest generation of LEDs. Systems can be as small as one circuit and one wall-plate up to whole home installations with master house controllers and full system integration. Signal repeaters make wireless practical for the largest of projects.

Wireless Lighting Solutions 

With the help of rakos wireless modules Lectrical Solutions can provide a sophisticated lighting control system without the need of rewiring and can be used in both new and retro fit installations. The wireless solution provides the most cost effective and simple installation saving both on cable and redecoration. 

Rako Intelligent lighting solutions 

Lectrical Solutions Ltd are proud to be installers of rako intelligent lighting systems, Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital lighting, blind and curtain controls, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications with lighting systems that are easy to use, create and cost effective in both the domestic and commercial sectors.