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Control Solutions 

​We recommend, design and install the most appropriate lighting system based on your requirements, that come with a wealth of features. ​In addition to the standard controls available we can also integrate lighting features with devices such as smartphones, tablets and PC's so that you have whole house control from the comfort of your seat or remotely from anywhere in the world!

Please one of the logos either side to discover some of the solutions to bring your smart home to life.

Features and advantages 

Whole house or designated zone lighting.

Mood lighting based on specific scenarios and events

Incorporation of energy efficient lights including LED's

Scene lighting based on dusk, dawn or timed events incorporating curtain/blind auto closure

Local or remote control through devices such as touchscreens, smartphones and remotes

Integration with security systems providing deterrent with PIR, timed switching and holiday mode

Intelligent Lighting 

We take lighting for granted but it can transform your home into something amazing and help create that wow factor, not to mention the security aspects. Just think by pressing a button that adjusts the light to suit your activities, or several lights with varying output, creating that perfect ambience!​ 

​Mood lighting using multiple scene control allows you to create the ambience for the perfect scenario, whether it be for watching a film, having a romantic dinner or just having friends and family pop round.An intelligent lighting system uses scenes to change single or multiple lighting circuits based on manual control or automated triggers or on timed events such as dawn or dusk

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