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A wired data network effectively acts as the backbone of your property, distributing digital and audio video data as and when required. It is more faster, secure and flexible than wireless networks bringing a host of benefits especially when streaming movies to several zones.

Remote Control 

Another great aspect of multi-room audio video is the remote control options. If you already have a iPad and/or iPhone (or Android) then you already have possibly the best and simplest remote control in your hand. 

​We design and install bespoke interface software allowing you to control all your sources in any room.

System Example 

The system can be as simple as Music, Video and Photos on a media server being shared in all rooms controlled via an iPhone or iPad, to a system where several sources such as Sky+HD, CD, Blu-ray, CCTV are piped to several rooms via hidden cables and full touch in-wall keypads or wireless controllers.

​As well as audio and video being being streamed to all rooms, internet services can be sent along the same cabling ensuring your Smart TV will provide you with the latest internet services and access to all your home media as well as the latest apps such as Facebook, Twitter, web browsing and more.

Lectrical Solutions Ltd design, supply and install bespoke multi-room AV installations to allow clients to get the best experience from there media. 

Multi-room is the sharing of multiple sources of entertainment between several rooms providing audio & video on demand e.g. streaming music, SKY+HD, Blu-ray throughout your house.

Your home can be divided into zones, with each zone programmed to play a different music or video selection, whether listening to a radio station, a blu-ray film in the cinema room, music streamed from a media server or a whole house party mode!

​​All Audio Video equipment/sources can be centrally located within the property, either under the stairs, in the main TV room or in a dedicated central hub area. All cables hidden out of view and discrete speakers in the ceilings/walls and touchscreens are the only signs of a specialist Audio Video system!

Incorporating full HD distribution into a multi-room system is a must and you can achieve the most amazing visuals and sounds in any room in the house.

Multi-room AV

Although wireless WiFi networks provide flexibility in terms of using a laptop/smartphone/tablet, they cannot compare with the speeds in streaming audio/video across your home to multiple rooms, especially high definition and 3D streaming. Hence structured cabling should be the main form of cabling in any smart home installation and WiFi should be installed to complement this.

Wired data networks provide future proofing of your property for technologies that have not yet been developed. As advances in technology grow, so will the demands on providing this data around your home.

Using a structured cable that meets HDBaseT standards will ensure that the growing demands of audio streaming, video streaming, internet access and telephone network are met and also meet the demands of the future. ​All structured cabling would be wired back to a central location where it would be patched and connected to a central router or switch, allowing sources around the property to be shared in any room. This provides the flexbility in sending various data and signal types to every room and ensures the flexibility in switching between data types.

Data Cabling